Tidak semua pahit itu derita

sekali gagal tidak bermakna gagal buat selamanya...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sharing is Carring

Our friendship is as close as closest sisters,

Two flutes with a single melody,

Interchanging runs through changing vistas,

Notes like birds alighting on a tree.

To some, friends are like books upon a shelf;

Yet you to me are like another self.

This music will not stop for other misters,

Nor will it pause for princes, real or elf,

However life may wend, we will be we,


P/s : This peom was adapted from the website[I coudn't remember..huhu].All the picture had captured at Teluk Cempedak [TC,known by UMP's students,hehe].We are very close since we're in the same class and there are title given to us;along[azreen],angah[me!hihi] and acu [farah hepi..haha].I'm very happy by having both of them because our hometown far away[along and me kedahan,acu perlihan??came from perlis...hehe].By the way, I hope we'll altogether achieve on what we aim for coming here [sound like along always said plak,hikhik].I LOVE YOU ALL MY GREAT SIS!!!~weee~

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